YA Bound Bloggy Roundup (2/3/12)

Hey y'all! Welcome to another addition of YA Bound's Bloggy Roundup Friday!

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Okay, onto the fun!
  • YA/MG BOOK PROJECT UNDERWAY. Julie from A Tale of Many Reviews is doing a major book drop to a few low income schools who need to upgrade their libraries and classrooms with books. Please check out her post to find out how you can donate to help out!
  • Call for submissions at Spencer Hill Press! Kate Kaynak is asking for short stories to be submitting for SH's HOLIDAY MAGICK ANTHOLOGY. Check out the post on her blog for more details.
  • And yeah, we squeed over it here . . . did some jazz hands and whoops . . . but just in case you missed it, Victoria (aka Tori) Scott has a BOOK DEAL! Click the link to read all about it, and be sure to watch the video where you will get a small taste of the hotness that is Dante Walker HERE.  
  • The Book Blogger LOVE-A-THON! Hosted by Kate's Tales of Books and Bands is a hop dedicated to book blogger appreciation and encourages readers, bloggers, writers, authors, everyone to hop along and share the love. February 17th 2012 at 12:00 a.m. EST until February 18th 2012 at 12: a.m. EST. Click the link above to sign up!
  • Hop on over to YA-AHOLIC to enter the Zombies VS Unicorns Event International Giveaway! You can find some awesome Team Unicorn or Team Zombie buttons there, too.
  • Maggie Stiefvater's talking about her next project: THE RAVEN BOYS.  Head on over to her site for cover love, blurbage, and insider info. =)
  • Speaking of cover love and blurbage, Mandy Hubbard is doing the same at her blog for DANGEROUS BOY. Click the link to learn all about it, add it to your goodreads shelves, and give Mandy some love.
  • Congratulations are in order for CYNTHIA HAND who just learned Hallowed hit #10 on the Children's Chapter Books bestseller list of the New York Times!! WOOT! Click the link to learn how she discovered the exciting news, throw some virtual confetti, and congrat the "NYT Bestselling Author" yourself!
  • Over at my blog, I've narrowed down my favorite BOOK BOYFRIEND and celebrating Valentine's Day by giving away a copy of Where She Went or a $15 Amazon Gift Card. Come on over and see what other guys made my list =) Contest ends Sunday.

And here's what you may have missed here:

  • We SWOONED over Wings of the Wicked and Perigee Moon (yes, again, again LOL . . . the plague kicked my butt this week, but hey, at least it's super steamy, right?)

So, there you have it. Our favorite bloggy finds of the week. If you come across any more next week, please send them to us!

Your Turn: What were YOUR favorite posts this week? Anything I should add?