Spotlight on If I Can’t Have You by Lauren Hammond

If I Can't Have Youebook
Published January 31, 2012

One is lonely. Three is a crowd.

Robin Mason has never been the same since Drake Robertson, a hot lifeguard at her family's yearly vacation spot saves her from drowning. Ever since that day she's never let another guy hold a candle to him. She's idolized him and has been waiting for the day where they can go from Facebook friends to more. Much, much more.

Flash-forward three years and Robin isn't the same tween Drake rescued from the deep blue sea. She's college bound, curvy, and finally ready to take what she wants most--Drake.

But not if Drake's brother Elliot has anything to say about it.

Robin is torn between what's right and what's wrong, her head and her heart, and two brothers that are simply irresistible. But who will she choose? Safe, sweet, Elliot? Or the hot, smoldering, Drake?

Two brothers. One Girl. One choice. So which will it be?

I was lucky enough to beta read this steamy YA, and right from the start, I was sucked in. Robin falls for super hot Drake, who saves her life. The only problem is he's older than she is and he calls her "Kid". She fantasizes about the day when he'll see her as more than just a kid. For years, she pines over him, follows him on Facebook, and tries to get him to notice her. Any girl who has ever had a crush on a guy and makes him out to be this amazing person in her mind, will totally get how Robin feels for Drake. I know I could relate to dreaming up the perfect image of a guy I barely knew.

But Drake isn't the only guy to catch Robin's eye. Drake's brother Elliot is equally hot, and he shows an interest in Robin right away. The only problem is Drake is viewing Robin as more than just a kid now. The love triangle is super steamy! Think Vampire Diaries hotness. I mean, we're talking about two gorgeous brothers, so gear up for some really intense scenes.

If you love a good romance filled with emotions and hot scenes, If I Can't Have You is the book for you. 

Miniview with Lauren Hammond

Better Valentine's Day gift, flowers or candy?
Ahhh. I'm a flowers kind of girl... <3

If for one day you could date any fictional hottie, who would it be?
Did you say any? Oh my, there are sooo many! For me it would have to be a tie between Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre and Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. What can I say? I'm intrigued by the dark side.

Paranormal romance or contemporary romance?
Honestly, I like both, but if I had to pick just one...
I'm gonna go with contemporary romances. LOL. I have been on a contemporary romance kick lately. So many swoon-worthy moments. So many emotions.


  1. Okay, Kelley. How did I miss this release of Lauren's? It sounds fabulous!!

    1. It wasn't long ago, but she's awesome with romances. She gets those emotions raw and intense. :)

  2. That is one smoking cover! Whew! Sounds like a great read too. Best of luck to Lauren with it. I'll be checking it out!

  3. I so need to read this book!!! The cover is Holy Hotness and the blurb sounds amazing, and now your review makes me all twitchy. I have a long drive this weekend to New Orleans and I think I just found my reading material =) Thanks Kelly and Lauren!