Book Deal! The Collector: A Dante Walker Novel by Victoria Scott

Woohoo! Okay, there's no doing this all reserved and professional. My and Rachel's critique partner, Tori Scott--as some of you may know her--just got an amazing book deal for her Paranormal YA THE COLLECTOR! Her awesome agent, Laurie McLean of Larsen-Pomada literary agency, sold a three book deal to Entangled Teen! Check out her official post here to congratulate her and join in on the celebrating! Rach and I are jumping up and down and shaking our butts! We're so proud of her =D

I don't think there's an official blurb or summary for THE COLLECTOR for the PM release yet, so do yourself a solid and check out the website for THE COLLECTOR: A Dante Walker Novel here! Just remember, I've been shouting for the longest that Dante is mine...I will fight for him if I must. Be prepared...

Congrats, Tori! This book is going to blow minds!

Here's a sneak peek from Dante (my man) himself...


  1. Congratulations, TORI!!!!!!! and OMG that trailer ...and Dante.... was aaaaawesome!!!!!! *looks over shoulder for a drop-kick from Trisha*

    1. Yeah, that's right. You know what's up! *cracks knuckles*

  2. Pen is poised. Where do I sign?

    In other words, I can has?

  3. Whoo hoo! Partay! Congratulations Tori. I'm so excited for her!